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Auto Catalytic Converter Repair With This Advice

Catalytic Converter Repair


Fullerton Catalytic Converter Repair

Catalytic converters play a crucial role in a vehicle’s exhaust system and are found in most modern street legal vehicles. Their function is to superheat unburned particles in exhaust gases and turn them into water vapor and carbon dioxide. The catalyst in the converter, typically made of platinum, rhodium, or palladium, can make it a target for theft due to its high value.

Replacing a catalytic converter is a complex process that requires welding, and is best left to professionals like those at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton. It may also involve replacing the vehicle’s oxygen sensors. One of the leading causes of a failing catalytic converter is consistent short trips that don’t allow the exhaust to heat up enough to burn off deposits. To prevent this, it’s recommended to take the vehicle on a highway drive of at least 15 minutes every so often.

A failing catalytic converter may display symptoms such as a check engine light, decreased power and fuel efficiency, a rotten egg smell, backfiring or misfiring, and a rough running engine. If the converter is not functioning properly, the check engine light will come on and the engine’s power and fuel economy will drop. If the converter becomes completely clogged, the check engine light will flash and the engine may stall or not start. Extreme clogging can also cause internal engine damage from excess back pressure. A vehicle with a failing catalytic converter will fail a smog check and cannot be registered.

At Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton, we recommend addressing any catalytic converter related symptoms as soon as possible to prevent expensive repairs and engine damage. Regular maintenance, including highway drives, can extend the life of your catalytic converter and save you money in the long run.

If your vehicle has any of the above signs or you feel your catalytic converter needs an inspection call Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton today at 714-525-3239. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!

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