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Fullerton Auto Service Repairs & Maintenance

Auto Service often escapes the minds of individuals in Fullerton, California until it’s too tardy. At Orozco’s Auto Service, we harness cutting-edge technology to pinpoint issues and present optimal solutions for your automobile. Our commitment encompasses a complete assurance of our services, and we hold strong belief in your contentment with the results. A quick glance at our customer reviews and testimonials will affirm our impeccable track record adorned with elated and satisfied clientele.

Maintenance for New Cars Under Warranty: It’s a revelation for some that choices abound concerning the obligatory maintenance of their novel vehicles. As stipulated by law, your routine essential upkeep can be executed at any proficient establishment. This implies your reliance on dealerships for maintenance can be diminished. However, for warranty-related repairs, the dealership route remains imperative.

Feel free to indulge in the following links, which lead to informative videos offering vivid explanations of numerous automotive services, repairs, and maintenance procedures.

Brake Systems
Brake Fluid Replacement
Brake Master Cylinder
Brake ABS Systems
Brake Pads
Disc Brakes
Warped Brake Rotor
Worn Brake Rotor
Damaged Brake Rotor
Drum Brakes
Manual Parking Brake
Electromechanical Parking Brake

Steering Systems
Tie Rod Ends
Steering Rack
Power Steering Pump
Wheel Alignment
Truck Steering
Worn Pitman or Idler Arm Steering Gear
Electric Power Steering System

Suspension Systems
Shock Absorber
Lower Ball Joint
Control Arm Bushing
Sway Bar
Bump Stop Replacement
Wheel Bearing
Sealed Bearing Replacement
Air Suspension
Coil Spring
Leaf Spring
Worn Leaf Spring Bushing
Worn Leaf Spring
Torsion Bar
Trail Arm Bushing
Suspension Strut Top Bearing
Wheel Bearing Clean

Pressure Related Tire Wear
Tire Damage
Run-Flat Tires
Punctured Sidewall
Puncture Repair
Nitrogen Tire Inflation
TPMS Service Kit
TPMS Sensor Replacement
TPMS Faults
All Wheel Drive
Wheel Balancing
Tire Rotation
Locking Wheel Nuts

Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Manifold
Cracked Flex Pipe
Catalytic Converter Function
Failed Catalytic Converter
Broken Catalytic Converter
Diesel Particulate Filter
Replace DPF
Diesel Exhaust Fluid System
Exhaust Mounts
AdBlue Heater / Level Sensor
Exhaust Muffler
Exhaust Leak

Axles & Driveline
CV Axle
Transfer Case Routine Maintenance Fluid Replacement
Transfer Case Worn Transfer Chain
Transfer Case Damage
Rear Differential
Differential Service
Leaking Pinion Seal
Worn Pinion Bearing
Worn Spider Gear
Axle Bearing
U Joint
Giubo Flex Disc

Fluid Maintenance
Brake Fluid Replacement
Complete Fluid Exchange With Machine
Change Pan Gasket And Filter
Add Transmission Cleaning Chemical
Coolant / Antifreeze Replacement
Differential Service
Fuel System Cleaning Service (additive)
Fuel Injector Cleaning Service (pressurized)
Fuel Injection Cleaning Service (machine)
Oil System
Haldex 4WD Oil Change

Engine Oil System
Timing Belt
Timing Chain
Accessory Drive Belt System
Harmonic Balancer
Worn Moor Mount
Variable Valve Timing
Vacuum Pump
Fuel And Engine Treatment
Intake Manifold Clean
Intake Cleaning GDI
Engine Oil Leaks
Valve Cover Gasket Leak On Exhaust Manifold
Rear Main Seal Leak
Crankshaft Leak
Camshaft Seal Leak
Oil Pressure Sending Unit
Spark Plug Tube Seal
Leaking Valve Guide Seal
Engine Damage From Low Oil Level
Hydraulic Lifter / Tappet
Plugged Oil Filter
Worn Belt
Seized Water Pump
Weak Timing Belt Tensioner
Seized Accessory Drive Belt Pulley
Cyclone Crankshaft Ventilation System
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
Stretch Belt
V6 Engine
Intake Boot Leak
Stretch Belt

Engine Management
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Dirty Mass Air Flow Sensor
Defective Mass Air Flow Sensor
ERG Valve
Oxygen Sensor
Defective Oxygen Sensor
Map Sensor
Defective Map Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor
Defective Throttle Position Sensor
Idle Air Control Valve
Dirty Idle Air Control Valve
Knock Sensor
Defective Knock Sensor
Vacuum Leak
Normal Ignition Coil Function
Ignition Coil Defect
EVAP Leak Detection
ERG Diagram
Stuck Open EGR
Carbon Blockage In EGR Port
Torn EGR Valve Diaphragm
Stuck Open Thermostat
Camshaft Position Sensor
Automotive CAN Bus
Camshaft Position Sensor
Suction Control

Cooling System
Electric Thermostat
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Radiator Cap Expansion Tank Type
Radiator Cap Overflow Tank Type
Leak From Radiator Core
Clogged Pipes
Clogged Fins
Cracked Radiator Hose
Cooling Fan
Viscous Fan Clutch
Water Pump
Leaking Water Pump
Heater Core
Cylinder Head Gasket
V6 Intake Manifold Gasket Leak

Ignition System
Spark Plugs
Defective Crankshaft Position Sensor
Ignition Coil
Worn Spark Plug Pattern
Break In Spark Plug Wire

Fuel System
Fuel Pump
Fuel Level Sensor
Direct Fuel Injection System
Valve Fouling On Direct Injection System
Fuel Injector
Clogged Injector
Fuel Injector Imbalance
Fuel Injector Cleaning Service (Pressurized Canister)
Fuel Injector Cleaning Service (Machine)
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Leaking Fuel Pressure Regulator
Injector Flow Test
Fuel System Cleaning Service (Additive)
Fuel Filter

Diesel Injection
CRDI Injector Wear
CRDI Injector Deposits
CRDI Electrical Failure
CRDI Diesel Injector Pump
Diesel EGR
Diesel EGR System Ultrasonic Bath
Oil Catch Can
Diesel Engine Glow Plug

Scheduled Maintenance
Brake Inspection
Brake Master Cylinder Inspection
Drum Brake Inspection
Disc Brake Inspection
Steering Inspection
Suspension Inspection
Ball Joint Inspection
Control Arm Bushing inspection
Shock Absorber Inspection
Sway Bar Inspection
Engine And Mechanical Servicing
Change Oil & Filter
Replace Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Replace Spark Plug(s)
Timing Belt Replacement
Replace Transmission Fluid
Engine & Mechanical Inspections
Gasket, Seals, And Hoses
Check Cooling Level And Condition
Inspect Exhaust
Body & Miscellaneous
Light Checks
Tire Checks
Windshield, Wipers and Mirrors

Heating / AC
AC Refrigerant Recharge
Cabin Air Filter
Antibacterial AC Cleaning Service
AC Compressor
Internal Compressor Failure
Small Leak
AC Condenser
Thermal Expansion Valve
Blocked System
AC Drain Hose
Heater Blend Door Actuator
Broken Blend Door
Broken Blend Door Actuator
R1234yf Compressor Replacement

Electrical System
Overcharged Battery
Failed Starter Drive Gear Lever
Poor Starter Solenoid Contacts
Alternator Rectifier
Overheated Ignition Switch
Corroded Electrical Connector
Automotive CAN Bus

Hybrid & EV
Plug-In Hybrid
Hybrid Vehicles
Hybrid Battery Failure
Hybrid Battery
Regenerative Braking
Hybrid Vehicle Servicing
Electric Vehicle Servicing

Automatic Transmission
Leaking Transmission Cooler Lines
Leaking Transmission Pan
Add Transmission Cleaning Chemical
Change Pan Gasket And Filter
Complete Fluid Exchange With Machine
Transmission Cooler Leaking Inside Radiator
Clutch Pack Operation
Valve Body Replacement
Automatic Transmission Shifter Cable
Manual Drivetrain
Clutch Master Cylinder
Flywheel Bolts Leaking
External Master Cylinder Leak
Internal Master Cylinder Leak
Leaking Slave Cylinder
Worn Clutch
Worn Clutch Disc
Worn Throwout Bearing
Dual Mass Flywheel
Flywheel With Broken Springs
Flywheel With Weak Springs

Checks / Inspections
Spring Check
Winter Check
Pre Purchase Inspection

Window Regulator
Windshield Wipers
Windshield Chip Repair
Vehicle Exterior Light Check
Dashboard Warning Lights
Seatbelt Retraction
Seatbelt Receptor
Headlight Restoration
Power Seats
Sunroof Clogged Drain

ADAS – Lane Assist
ADAS – Automatic Emergency Braking
ADAS Windscreen
ADAS Blind Spot Monitor
ADAS Calibration

And More . . .

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle or have any questions visit any Orozco’s at any of our convenient locations in Long Beach, Bellflower, Garden Grove or Fullerton!


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