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Need Help With Power Steering Repair? Try These Tips

Power Steering Repair


Fullerton Power Steering Repair


Have you ever started turning onto Orangethorpe Avenue in Fullerton and thought what would happen if I lost power steering right now? If so, first of all, don’t panic. Your vehicle’s power steering provides you with an electronic or hydraulic assist in turning your front wheels. If you’re moving at a decent speed you may not even notice it, until you start to slow down. At that point trying to turn the steering wheel is difficult but with a little muscle you will be able to pull over and make it to a safe stop or your friends at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton.

There Are Two Kinds of Power Steering

Electrical Power Steering relies on a electrical motor and sensors on the steering column. By analyzing the input from the steering wheel, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) then sends a signal to an electronic motor, which is located at the base of the steering column. This motor then turns and aids the driver with the steering process.

Hydraulic Power Steering System relies on a hydraulic pump, the engine’s power, and the hydraulic fluid to steer the vehicle. With the combination of the hydraulic pump and the vehicle’s engine, it applies force on the steering gear by pumping hydraulic fluid to the power steering pump. The power steering fluid is stored in a depressurized form within the power steering reservoir, and only when needed does the power steering pump pressurize the fluid and deliver it to assist you in steering.

What can you do if your power steering goes out?

Besides not panicking the first thing to do when you’ve lost power steering is communication. As in any emergency situation on or off the road is it’s vital to let others around you know that something has gone wrong. The simplest way to do this is to activate your hazard lights so that everyone around you will notice that you are starting to slow down or that there may be an issue with your vehicle.  It’s always a good idea to know were the hazard lights button is located when driving in a new vehicle.

As you gently lower your speed, keep a firm grip on the wheel at all times and don’t hit your brakes too hard, especially if the road conditions are wet or icy. Lack of power steering will make the wheel feel heavy in your hands, and it will also make the front wheels less responsive to your actions. Maintain keeping calm and ease into the brakes slowly.

Knowing what to do if you lose power steering eventually comes down to looking for a safe spot on the side of the road where you can pull over without incident. You will still be able to steer the vehicle, even if it’s more difficult. Remember that turning the wheel requires more effort as your vehicle slows down. Give yourself as much room to turn as possible. Even though the turning radius of the vehicle hasn’t changed, your ability to make that turn quickly will be reduced.

Once you get your vehicle to a safe spot, if the power steering is completely out, this may be the right time to call for a tow truck. Driving a vehicle with no power steering can be a challenge for even the best of drivers, so if you don’t feel safe driving, always side with caution and get help.

There are some signs you can be aware of that your power steering may soon be in need of repair. You may notice a whining or squealing noise. It could be difficult turning the steering wheel. You may notice a leak of power steering fluid near the steering gear or rack, this is usually a red fluid. Your vehicle may wanders or pulls to one side. This could be a premature steering gear is worn and or can be caused by lack of lubrication from power steering fluid.

If you are concerned about any of your power steering or you would like to have your steering inspected call the experts at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton today at 714-525-3239. Remember to always keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!

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