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Learn About Brake Repair Near Me

Brake Repair Near Me


Fullerton Brake Repair

One of the most important elements of your vehicle besides your engine are your brakes. The engine makes you go and your brakes make you stop. Sadly, most Fullerton drivers don’t really think much more about their brakes, until they stop working which can lead to an accident. To help avoid that scary thought we would like to share some of the signs that it’s time to get your brakes checked. For example, one of the most common failures in your vehicles brake system are the brake pads. If they are routinely checked you can get them replaced before they cause more serious damage to your vehicles overall braking system.

In almost all newer vehicles, the front wheels braking apparatus depend on rotors: large metal discs mounted behind each wheel. Above each rotor is a clamping device called the caliper. When you step on the brake pedal, your calipers start to close, squeezing the rotors from both sides. This action creates friction, which as a result slows your vehicle until it comes to a full stop.

The brake pads, per their name are pads that are mounted inside the calipers to make contact with the rotors during the previously mentioned process. Unfortunately, brake pads don’t last forever. Additionally, the friction stopping process will eventfully wear them down. Also, depending on your driving habits and freeway versus city can also take a toll on them, making them wear out even quicker. When your brake pads get too thin your they won’t work as well as they should and that’s when to visit or schedule a free appointment with the pros at Orozco’s Auto Service.

Tips for possible brake problems:

Your car pulls to one side when braking
Brake pads don’t always wear out at the same rate. Depending on your daily Long Beach commute, following the same turns day after day can result in uneven wear. Should this occur, your vehicle may pull slightly to one side or the other when you use the brakes. Leaving this problem unchecked can put unnecessary stress on your vehicles suspension like the ball joints, steering knuckles, wheel bearings and more.

Clicking noises
Some cars, brake pads fit snugly into a special holding device. Other vehicles keep them steady with pins, clips or bolts. The common goal behind these designs is to keep the brake pads from wobbling. If they become loose, they’ll begin to rattle. What happens next is a clicking sound that rings out whenever the brake pedal is pushed or released.

Screeching noises
Most brake pads are built with “wear indicators.” Wear indicators are small metal tabs located near the top of typical brake pads. When the brake pad wears down an unsafe level, the indicator will scrape against the rotor. This creates a distinctive grating noise which warns drivers that the brake pads are in immediate need of service. If you ignore this to long the pads can completely wear our forcing your vehicle to stop with metal grinding on metal that will destroy your rotors and lead to complete brake failure.

Stopping takes longer than it used to
This is called “brake fade.” This is usually a result of applying the brakes over a vast distance without bringing the car to a full stop. Sometime this can be a bad driving habit know as ridding the brake, some people are overly cautious which can wear on your brakes. This can also happen while driving down a mountainside or over winding roads. However, if you live in an area will lots of hills you ridding the brakes may not be avoidable—but, over time it will take a toll on your braking system.

Vibrations when the brake is pressed
If your brake pedal shakes whenever you step on it your brake pads may be the problem. Brake pads are typically held together with a binding resin. As each brake pad wears down, this adhesive gets hot and can get smeared across the rotor. Under the best of  circumstances, it will form a layer that’s evenly spread over the disc’s surface. But if a brake pad gets overheated, the resin may not be distributed uniformly. This is called this issue “glazing” and it can cause brake pedals to vibrate.

If your vehicle is showing any of the above signals or you feel your vehicle’s brake system needs service or are not sure and would like to have your brakes inspected, call Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton today at (714) 525-3239. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!


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