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The Best Auto Repair Advice You Will Find

Auto Repair


We know that there are times when your vehicle is having problems or you have a complete breakdown that you may not have the opportunity to get to Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton, if by chance that does ever happen we would like to share some tips to help you while your out of our reach.

Try to avoid the larger chain stores

A smaller family owned auto repair shop may be a better option, due to the fact that they need to build long term relationships with their customers to earn repeat business. Additionally, the day may come when you need to get your previous repair records for routine maintenance of fluids and parts and having them spread out to several shops may prove difficult in tracking them down.

Always ask an estimate upfront

You should not allow anyone to start working on your car without giving you an estimate for how much the work is expected to cost. In many states you are entitled to: An estimate – Before beginning any repairs, the auto shop must provide you with an estimate showing the estimated price for parts and labor and obtain your authorization. Sometimes the only option available is an estimates given over the phone so even though a written estimate carries more legal weight it may not be feasible. Many times an estimates is simply just an estimates, so it’s possible your bill could be slightly higher, if you see anything that is in excess of that stated amount possibly get a second opinion.

Do your own research

It doesn’t take long to do a little research on your estimate. Many common repairs can be found online to give you a better understanding of what the mechanic may be performing on your vehicle. Sadly some of the less ethical shops out there can try and pad your invoice with non-essential task that most people would over look.

Communicate with as much detail as possible with the service advisor or mechanic

When you bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop try and give the service advisor or mechanic as much information regarding the problem as possible. Letting them know if your vehicle is making strange noises when does that noise or rattle start…while going around corners, just after you start the vehicle and so on. This will give the shop a better directions and they can most likely diagnose the issue sooner and help getting you back on the road quicker.

Learn as much as you can about the auto repair shop

If possible, ask around town and see if they know of the shops reputation. Also consider researching a few online reviews while understanding even a bad review can be insightful if the shop owner responds to the bad review with an effort to resolve the complaint. Additionally, feel free to stop in and check it out before making your decision. Is everyone friendly and professional? Is the shop clean and organized? Just by performing some do diligence can go a long ways into choosing an auto repair shop.

Always follow up with questions regarding repairs

Unfortunately, far to many customers fall into the trap of padded bills. Be it adding additional unnecessary repairs, upping to repair time or even listing repairs that aren’t even performed. Any honest auto repair shop wont be insulted if you ask to see the old parts or even point out the new parts installed if they are in a viewable position on your vehicle.

Follow the the service advisors’ demeaner

The service advisor, is generally your contact person at the front desk and your go between to the auto mechanic. If they are short with repair descriptions or easily agitated when you ask questions this may be the best time to request a manager or find another shop.

We hope these tips will be helpful if you’re ever away from an Orozco’s Auto Service location when you’re in need of emergency auto service. Always drive safe!
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Excellent Tips For Finding Traction Control System Repair

Traction Control System Repair

Fullerton Traction Control System Repair

So many Fullerton car owners are often confused with all the new dashboard alerts on newer vehicles. One in particular is the TCS alert light. TCS stands for traction control system, this is a feature that is on all current vehicles and helps to prevent the drive wheels from losing traction on slick or slippery roads.

Here’s some info on what the Traction Control System (TCS) does.

Traction control systems use your wheel-speed sensors on the antilock brake system to feel when one or more of the drive wheels are slipping and or loosing traction. While all vehicles vary depending on your make and model, it will then reduce power to the drive wheels and/or apply the brakes to try to restore valuable traction. When the TCS engages, a dashboard light may illuminate to alert you of the action.

Additionally, TCS works like as a driver who would ease their foot off the accelerator when a drive wheel starts to slip, as if they were to accelerate too quickly on a slippery surface. Although. TCS can detect a wheel slip sooner, react faster and, on some vehicles, reduce the power to individual drive wheels.

Not All TCS systems are the same, some traction control systems intervene too quickly or may shut off too much power to the drive wheels, and the result is that you may have a vehicle stuck in on ice or snow and going nowhere. In some situations, it may be better to turn off the traction control systems and get moving by rocking the vehicle back and forth or flooring the accelerator and powering through.

Though some early versions of TCS began to appear in the 1970s, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that TCS became more widely available, initially on high-end vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW. Now, all modern vehicles now have TCS, but it has become less visible in the last decade due to the fact it ‘s incorporated into the electronic stability control system (SCS).

If you have more questions regarding TCS Traction Control System Repair feel free to visit any of our Orozco’s Auto Service locations. You can always trust Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton to stand behind their work and provide the best service possible for your vehicle. When it comes to auto repairs and maintenance in Long Beach Bixby Knolls, Long Beach Downtown, Bellflower, Garden Grove, Fullerton and the surrounding areas – every driver needs a reliable Auto Repair Shop with experienced ASE Certified Technicians who will do their job right the first time.

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All You Need To Know About Exhaust System Repair

Exhaust Pipe Repair


We’ve all had that moment when you’re peacefully driving through Fullerton enjoying the radio and all of suddenly a vehicle with an exploding exhaust drives by, sometime with a noise so load you panic and swerve as the vehicle screams by. Even worse is when you discover your vehicle is making that sound! Don’t panic, Orozco’s Auto Service can muffle that noise.

While everyone knows your muffler keeps your engine running quietly, but it’s also a key factor for your vehicles complete exhaust system. There are three main functions your exhaust system provides you vehicle.

While many people know one of the primary functions for your muffle is to reduce the engines exhaust noise. Additionally, it safely moves hot exhaust gases from the engine out the tailpipe through a network of pipes beginning with the exhaust manifold. Finally, the exhaust system treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants with the assistance of the catalytic converter.

Lets address that poisonous exhaust (carbon monoxide) extruding from your engine. You don’t want that getting into your passenger compartment, carbon monoxide can be deadly. That’s why you should never run your engine in a closed area/garage. If you have a leak someplace in the exhaust system, it could get into the passenger cabin and make you ill or if ignored, kill you and or your passenger(s). Exhaust gas contains a number of pollutants and dirty particulates. Luckily all exhaust systems these days have a catalytic converter that scrubs some of those harmful substances. And diesel vehicles have systems to deal with soot. Catalytic converters will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, they are expensive so you want to help them last as long as possible by keeping your fuel system clean and replacing your air filter regularly. These components need to be tested for function with an emission tests from time to time.

If you think you smell exhaust in your vehicle, immediately roll down the windows and drive to Orozco’s Auto Service or any qualified mechanic to get your vehicle inspected. Sometimes you can smell or see exhaust coming from the engine compartment or under the vehicle if you have a leak. Sometimes it sounds like a ticking sound after you start the engine that will go away as you drive. That may mean there’s a small crack or bad fitting / seal that leaks when the engine is cold but closes up when the metal heat up making it expands. It can also generate sound from an exhaust leak that is loud and obvious as stated above.

If you believe your vehicle’s exhaust system needs service or are not sure and would like to have your vehicle inspected, call Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton today at (714) 525-3239. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!

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My Mechanic Said I Need Coil Spring Repair

Coil Spring Repair


Fullerton Coil Spring Repair

Coil springs are common found on most modern vehicles, generally smaller vehicles like sedans. Coil spring have a helical appearance and goes around the struts or shocks. Although, on some vehicles, they are mounted individually.

Coil springs are available in soft or hard variations depending their use. For example, if they are used on a large vehicle, the coil spring will be hard to offer maximum support for the excessive weight and the softer sprigs for lighter vehicles. Coil springs go to each wheel, forming a central compression zone, this comes in handy for a smooth ride.

Coil springs have been around for at least 100 years, but they became prominent during the ’70s with the changes in automobile technology. Today’s springs have many applications due to their versatility. You find them on everything from standard sedans to sports cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.

The coil springs main function is to support the vehicle at a desired height, also to maintain alignment and to help absorb road shock transmitted through the tires and shock absorbers.

Continual flexing during normal use will gradually weakens your vehicles overall suspension system, which in turn will allow the car to sag for one side or the other. Once this sag becomes pronounced, your entire vehicle will be affected. Steering components shift out of position, resulting in altering the steering linkage geometry. But there is some good news, what’s been lost from the older coil springs can be completely repaired with the installation of new set of coil springs. This will get your vehicle back to it’s factory correct height and driving like on a cloud again.

When should you have your coil springs inspected?

Most all manufacturers will recommend getting your vehicle’s coil springs inspected at regular intervals along with your entire suspension system that can include struts, shocks, sway bar links, bushings and more. Most reputable auto repair shops will do this when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. A quick visual inspection can detect any obvious sag from front to rear or from side to side. Upon visual inspection under your vehicle, we will also look for the two ends of the control arms that can be out of level, damaged or worn rubber bumpers and of course worn spring coils. All these elements can indicate weak coil springs. If you also live or often drive your vehicle in a colder climate where roads are often salted in winter weather, you should consider having your steering and suspension system checked more often due o the fact that salt can cause speed up your spring corrosion.

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Car Care Information For Those With Cars, SUV’s and Trucks

auto care


People often see a commercial for ” Car Care” and don’t know exactly what it means. Well Car Care means exactly what it implies, caring for your car. But what are all these cares and shouldn’t all auto repair shops maintain the care of my car, SUV or Truck? Many auto repair shops may do a great job at a certain tasks not all shops are the same. For instance, when you bring your car, SUV or Truck to Orozco’s Auto Service for maintenance, we give your vehicle a 21 point inspection and then make recommendations for your car’s care. Additionally, we always maintain detailed records of any maintenance or repairs we perform. Another benefit of our regular car care is you can later prove that your vehicle has been well maintained, and this will always pay off when your ready to resell it. Lastly, it’s important to know that regular car care comes at a cost, while it’s not always cheap, it can ultimately help you avoid future costly repairs.

Below are some Car Care tasks you can handle on your own and some that you should leave to the pros at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton.

Personal Car Care

Every month, or every few gas fill-ups and especially before any longer road trips, it’s a good idea to open the hood of your car and check your fluids. This can include the oil, brake fluid, steering fluid, transmission fluid and coolant levels while the engine is cool. Low levels of either can lead to engine problems if left unchecked. Always refer to your owner’s manual to locate the inspection ports on your specific vehicle.

Windshield wipers usually need to be replaced about once a year due to the diversity of Los Angeles weather, or if the effectiveness of cleaning your windshield is compromised. One simple trick to check your wipers is use the windshield wiper-washer occasionally to check the effectiveness of your wipers before you’re stuck in the rain.

Now days with todays gas prices it’s more important that ever to have well-maintained tires that are not only safe but also fuel-efficient, make it a habit to visually inspect your tires often. Check your tire pressure every month, and before long trips or carrying an extra load. Don’t forget the spare. Always keep a tire pressure gauge in the vehicle, it will be needed to check your tire pressure. Also, during the colder months, note that tire pressure drops one pound with every 10 degree decrease in pressure. Your owner’s manual will tell you how much air pressure your tire needs.

Waxing your vehicle every six months after washing it won’t just keep it shiny, it’ll also help to keep both the paint in good shape and help reduce the chance of rust. Many road irritants such as dust, sand, and winter road salt can build up and environmental factors like ozone and ultraviolet light can cause microscopic damage, but waxing can help minimize this by forming a protective seal to extend your paint’s life. Always consult with a professional to determine the best automotive wax for your vehicle.

The lights on your vehicle aren’t just so you can see at night, they are also an import part of driving safely in day or night. Unfortunately, it’s a simple function of your vehicle that can be easily overlooked. Once a month, turn on your headlights when the vehicle parked in front of a flat surface and check that both headlights are working properly and well-positioned. Then walk around your vehicle and visually inspect both turn signals and your parking lights. Have a friend stand behind the car while you engage the brakes to be certain that your brake lights are functional. If you’re on your own you can always back close to a flat surface as stated before in reverse and see through your rear view mirrors if they are working.

Your engine’s air filter is what regulates air flow into your engine and help keep out debris and dust particulate. When you make certain that your air filter is flowing properly, you can also improve fuel efficiency, decrease your emissions, and help prolong the life of your engine. This can be done easily at home or a service station when you fill your tank, be sure to check your owner’s manual for instructions and how often it needs to be changed.

Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton – Car Care

The motor oil in your vehicle’s maintains several functions that include: lubricating moving parts, acting as a sealant against debris, helps cools the engine, reduces wear and tear, and helps prevent engine corrosion. Keeping your engine clean is vital for your engine’s good health. Depending on your vehicle and what kind of oil you use, you may need to change both the oil & oil filter every 3 months or 3000 miles. Many newer vehicles’ owners’ manuals will recommend changing your oil less frequently if they are using a synthetic or a synthetic bend oil – often in-between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. Check your vehicle owner’s manual and consult with a Orozco’s Auto Service professional to be certain what is appropriate for your vehicle.

A lot like the oil in your engine, transmission fluid is a lubricant that helps keep all of the moving parts inside of your transmission functioning properly. Whether you’re driving an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, it is essential that you have your transmission fluid checked and changed when necessary to avoid costly transmission damage or even a replacement. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

The shocks and struts on your vehicle function to control the impact and rebound as your vehicle moves over bumps in the road and is an essential part of your vehicle’s suspension system. They should be inspected by a professional every 50,000 miles or bring your car into Orozco’s Auto Service if you notice a decrease in smoothness or loss of control when driving.

The radiator in your car is a critical component that helps keep your engine cool and working properly. You should regularly have your coolant system flushed, it will help get rid of contaminants that can build up inside as well as ensure that your radiator is filled to the proper level. Always check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation to find out how often your coolant should be changed.

Spark plugs ignite the gas and air mixture in your engine that ultimately powers your vehicle . If one or more of your spark plugs aren’t functioning properly, your engine will lose power and won’t run at optimal capacity. Have a professional check and replace any faulty spark plugs depending on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations or if you feel a decrease in your engine’s power.

Depending on your vehicle usage, alignment, and several other factors, the tread wear patterns on your tires may vary between the front and back tires, or even from one side of the tread to the other. Rotating your tires will extend the service life of your tires by more evenly balancing the tread wear, and helping prevent noise and vibration problems.

Although it may seem like a simple piece of rubber, your vehicle’s serpentine belt is essential to keeping your car running by powering peripheral devices such as your alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor. A simple visually inspection of the belt to ensure that it is free of cracks or other wear and tear. Replace id damaged or according to your vehicle manufacture’s recommendation.

The differentials are devices that split the torque or power from the engine and allow it to send the proper amount of power to the tires. In front or rear-wheel drive vehicles, there is only one differential, but in 4-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles, there is both a front and rear differentials, and possibly even a center differential. Like many parts of your vehicle, differentials need to be kept lubricated to ensure reliable functionality. Have a professional check and change fluid whenever your vehicle manufacturer recommends it.

In four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case is what shifts power from the transmission to the axles. You should have your transfer case fluid checked according to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations to be certain that it is properly filled and leak-free. This requires getting under the vehicle, so bringing it into Orozco’s Auto Service or an equivalent professional is recommended.

Tire wear can depend greatly on driving habits, the function of the vehicle, maintenance, and the road surfaces you regularly drive on. Realizing when you need new tires may be a little tricky for some. They’re curious to know if they absolutely need to replace their tires. There’s a simple answer to all of these kinds of questions; a new set of quality tires will alleviate the stress of worrying about the safety and performance of the tires you have right now. One simple test is to place a penny between the tread grooves with the top of Lincoln’s head nearest to the tire. If you can see any space above the top of the head, it’s a good time to replace your tires. If you feel you need new tires for any reason stop into Orozco’s Auto Service for a complete inspection.

Batteries are one of the most important components for your vehicle. Car batteries supplies large amounts of electrical current for the starter, engine and other electronic accessories in the vehicle. Extreme temperatures in our desert can affect the performance of your batteries life so regular battery testing will ensure that battery will perform at it’s best.


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Great Advice About Your Auto Lights Repair!

auto lights repair


Fullerton Auto Lights Repair

Your vehicle’s Lights and Signals may not be the first thing you think of when you jump in your car and head off to work on Fullerton’s busy early morning roads. After all, they’re on the outside of your vehicle, and you may not even know when they aren’t working until it starts getting dark. Some vehicles have sensors that show you a warning message on the dash when you have a burnt out light, but for many vehicles, you have to stay vigilant and check yourself. Unlike your headlights, you may not notice right away when you have a nonfunctional tail light, brake light, or signal. I some vehicles it will show an erratic blinking when you signal a turn. An easy way to check on your own is to turn on the hazard lights and then get outside to check, but brake lights aren’t very easy to check without help.

One of the most common Auto Lights Repair is brake light & turn signal failures is simply a burned out bulb. Unfortunately, glass bulbs burning out sooner or later is a reality for every driver. Time and the elements will wear your bulbs down and inevitably lead to failure. Keeping replacement bulbs on hand in your car will keep you legal and safe on the road.

If you have replaced your bulbs and the problem is still there, you may have a problem with the light or signal’s wire harness. One of the pins could be burned or melted, causing a slight voltage irregularity which may even trigger a check engine light. If you replaced all of your bulbs and they still don’t function, or you have a check engine light, check all of your wire connections closely and see if you have any abnormalities.

If your turn signal stops working or works intermittently, you should use hand signals until you can get it fixed to avoid getting a ticket. Turn signals’ mechanics are a bit more complicated than brake lights or taillights since they involve switching on and off, so if you are experiencing problems with your turn signal, it would be best to have one of Orozco’s Auto Service ASE certified technicians check your vehicle to diagnose the problem, fix it, and reset all lights and warnings.

If you believe your vehicle’s lights needs service or are not sure and would like to have your vehicle inspected, call Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton today at (714) 525-3239. Keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!

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Transmission Repair That Can Benefit You

Transmission Repair


Fullerton Transmission Repair

At Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton, ASE Certified mechanics get straight to work identifying your transmission’s problem. Based on your description of your vehicle’s behavior for clues and thoroughly inspect the complete drivetrain for any signs of damage. Our team of ASE Certified mechanics has many years of transmission repair experience working with all makes and models. We know how they work and what to do when your transmission isn’t performing at its best. Once we discover what’s going on with the system, we can create a plan and estimate to repair it. With your approval to move forward, we will source any parts needed from our NAPA Auto Parts supplier. When we order parts they arrive quickly, so your vehicle doesn’t just site around our shop waiting for equipment. While we get to work, our local shuttle service can get you back to your how or work safely. And when your vehicle’s repairs are complete, we know you’ll be pleased with the quality of our work, especially with the rest assurance that it’s covered with a nationwide NAPA two year, 24,000 mile warranty.

Transmission repairs can be serious, which is why you don’t want to wait longer than necessary to visit an expert. Whether a busy schedule or tight budget has you feeling hesitant, know that our team has you covered. With flexible scheduling options, drop-in availability, we make it easy to find a good time for your transmission repairs. Additionally, our shop partners with trusted companies to bring you convenient financing options (oac), ensuring budget restrictions don’t prevent you from getting the great auto care you need.

If you notice your car’s transmission is slipping out of gear, making peculiar sounds, or has left your vehicle stuck at a standstill, contact Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton, CA. Today.

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Helpful Ideas For Auto Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Oil and Filter Service


Here in Fullerton we see plenty of older vehicles on the road. Some are better looking than others but the good news it they are still on the road. Some are used to commute, driving around kids, picking up groceries or even working vehicle. Most of these driver enjoy that fact that they’re paid off, or soon will be. They would gladly like to keep their vehicles for 200,000 miles or more as long as it isn’t in the shop too much.

There are plenty of people whose vehicles are running after 100,000 or 200,000 miles. What do all these vehicles have in common and what what can we learn from them that’s keeping them on the road so long.

A common denominator is that they never skip regular maintenance. That may sound a bit unsophisticated, but it’s really not. Most importantly, oil is the life blood of your engine and it needs to be clean to properly lubricate. Skipping oil changes leads to clogged oil filters and sludge that can damage your engine.

There’s another reason why the scheduling an oil change is so important. It’s simple, an Orozco’s Auto Service ASE certified mechanic is going to be inspecting your your vehicle. All of your fluid levels will be inspected and topped off so they won’t get so low that damage can be done. If there is a significant fluid loss, let’s use brake fluid as an example, your technician can look for the cause of the loss and find the problem before it leads to an accident or costly repair.

The service technician will also visually inspect the vehicle for worn belts and hoses, uneven tire wear, leaking shock absorbers and more. Problems get addressed before they lead to repairs that cost more than the car’s worth. And your service advisor will be able to remind you of other services that the factory recommends you get done.

Of course, good maintenance costs money, but it’s far cheaper than buying a new. Additionally, regular maintenance will help you maintain the best millage your vehicle can offer.

At Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton we thoroughly inspect your vehicle with every service as a courtesy to you and your car. By doing this, we can give you the most thorough, comprehensive feedback on the overall health of your vehicle so that you are able to make the best-informed decisions about your vehicle’s care and maintenance. We’ll tell you about all the problems we notice and how urgent they are so that you know what your options are. If you need to spend your money now to fix a major problem and avoid a future catastrophe, we’ll be sure to let you know. Guaranteed with every service.

If you are interested in setting up a regular maintenance plan for your vehicle, feel free to contact Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton Today or schedule a free appointment online.


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Why Do I Need An Oil Change

Oil Change


There are so many exuses why to not get your oil changed. I don’t have time, it cost too much, I hate waiting in a dirty waiting room, not to mention the bathrooms and so on. Here at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton we know how you feel. We and our families have all gone through those same frustrations and that’s why we want to set your mind at ease. First, the easy answers. Orozco’s Auto Service maintains the cleanest of waiting rooms and restrooms. We have severeral options for making appintments over the phone or online. You can also drop off your vehicle and we can drop you off at your home or office within 10 miles. Now for the technical question. What does an oil change do, and why is it important? Something as simple as an oil change may not seem critical to keeping your car running, but neglecting your vehicles oil can cause some serious problems. Here’s why you need to make sure you get an oil change at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.

There’s a difference between adding oil and changing oil. If you check the dipstick and the oil level is low (most cars will start to burn a little oil as they age), then adding oil is a quick but temporary way to fix the problem and get back on the road.

Changing the oil is a bit more involved, requiring draining the engine of all the old dirty oil and replacing it with fresh oil to the specified level. You also need to get a new oil filter, which helps to keep the fresh oil clean by collecting dirt and debris that the oil captures on its way through your car’s engine. Oil needs to be changed when it gets too dirty to accomplish its mission of keeping the engine components moving smoothly. At Orozco’s Auto Service we do all this and give your vehicle a full inspection along with checking and topping off all fluids that appear low.

Another reason oil changes are so important is because the primary function of your engine’s oil is keeping the metal parts of your engine lubricated. This will prevent any metal-on-metal contact, which can cause engine damage that isn’t cheap to fix. A thin layer of oil on key components keeps them sliding smoothly and reduces friction that would otherwise harm the engine over time. Reducing friction also reduces heat buildup, which can also be a problem for your engine.

Additionally oil keeps it clean. If you look at the contents of a fresh bottle of oil, you’ll notice that it’s more of a golden amber color compared to the brown or black oil on your dipstick. That’s because it’s clean. As oil moves through your engine, it carries away dirt and grime that gradually turns the oil dark. Dark, dirty oil will not do a good job of lubricating or cleaning your engine. You should get your oil changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals to ensure that your engine remains clean and running smoothly. Luckily Fullerton isn’t particularly a dirty or dusty environment, but if you travel to that type of climate you should get your oil (not to mention their air filters) changed more often.

Lastly, If you see the oil change light illuminate on your dashboard, is it really a big deal? If all of your warning systems are working correctly, your car likely isn’t in immediate danger of being damaged, but the light coming on is definitely not something to ignore. If it’s on, your oil needs attention. It may just be low and need to be topped off, but if it’s time for an oil change, be sure to make an appointment at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton within the next few days.


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Real Local Auto Mechanic: Keep Your Car In Shape

Local Auto Mechanic

Fullerton Auto Mechanic

For today’s car owner, auto repair is more complicated than ever. Vehicles keep getting more complex, while technology and diagnostic tools constantly change as well. As a result, finding a competent, knowledgeable automotive professional can be a real challenge Luckily, here at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton we hire only the most competent, experienced and educated of auto technicians (mechanics). With all that said it usually means an ASE Certified Auto Technician, AKA Auto Mechanic.

Thanks to the ASE certification program, everybody wins: car owners can easily find ASE Certified professionals who have proven themselves to be knowledgeable professionals. Repair shops can get additional visibility in their markets by qualifying for the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program. And certified auto professionals can get the respect and recognition they’ve worked so hard to earn.

What does ASE mean and why should I care if it’s an ASE Technician?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence ASE, is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Since 1972 they are an independent non-profit organization has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals. The process to become ASE Certified is not easy. In order to attain ASE Certification, technicians must complete a minimum of 2 years of qualified work experience and pass a challenging test for each certification. The tests are challenging. Only two out of every three test takers pass on their first attempt. To ensure technician’s are up-to-date on current systems and technologies, ASE Certified Technicians are required to prove their technician knowledge by retesting every 5 years to keep their certifications current.

Additionally, ASE exists to protect the automotive service customer, shop owners and service professionals. They test and certify automotive service professionals so that the shops like Orozco’s Auto Service and and their customers can better gauge a technician’s level of expertise before contracting the technician’s services. They certify the service individual so they can offer tangible proof of their technical knowledge.

So the next time you’re in need of auto repair or service think of Orozco’s Auto Serve of Fullerton and or ASE Certified Technicians and Service Advisors and knowing we only employ the best for our customers.


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