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Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair – Summer is here before you know it and your car’s air conditioning repair and maintenance isn’t one of those things you really think about until their car is no longer keeping them cool or is omitting a strange odor. At Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton we know automotive air conditioning systems and we want to keep you comfortable year round in Orange County.

There are several problems that an A/C System can develop:

A/C isn’t as cold as it used to be?

A/C losing its frigidity can be caused by a number of reasons, including a freon leak caused by a loose seal, gasket, hose, or component, a clogged hose or tube, a failed compressor or component, a failed blower motor, a damaged or failed condenser or evaporator, vacuum leaks, or a failed switch, relay, fuse, or solenoid. A leak in the A/C system can end up compromising the entire system. If you or your mechanic discovers the leak early, then it most likely will not have damaged as many parts, and your repair will not be as expensive.

A/C has weak airflow?

The main causes of weak airflow are mold or mildew accumulating in the evaporator core from moisture or condensation from regular operation, a hose coming loose and decreasing air pressure, ventilation fan failure, or seals coming loose and diminishing airflow. A/C systems are extremely sensitive, and a loose hose or seal can compromise the entire system.

A/C starts out cold but gets warm?

There are several possible causes to this problem: a clogged expansion valve, a faulty compressor clutch, a blown fuse, or leaks may all cause this symptom.

Foul odor from the A/C system?

Unpleasant odors coming from your car’s vents are usually caused by a dirty, old air cabin filter or a moldy evaporator case.A small leak or malfunction in your AC system can eventually lead to huge expenses or even tainted air in your passenger compartment.

Furthermore, if you neglect maintenance on your car’s A/C system for long enough, it can develop a condition known as “black death”. Black death develops from the inside out and can be impossible to detect, but after long enough, it can cause you illness or respiratory issues.

Black death starts from inside of the AC compressor after the refrigerant breaks down. Since refrigerant also provides lubrication for the system, old fluid will result in wear to the system’s components, starting with the compressor. Fine, sharp metal particles will then travel through the rest of your AC system and damage the rest of its components, destroying its function gradually. The best way to protect your A/C system from black death is to have regular check-ups and perform needed maintenance as soon as possible.

If you suspect that you need Auto Air Conditioning Repair, contact one of our ASE Certified service advisors at Orozco’s Auto Service of Fullerton and schedule an online appointment today!

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