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Orozco’s Auto Service is a full service Gas Tank Repair Shop


Our Gas Tank Repair shop is at our Bellflower location (formally Mac’s Radiator Service) and has been operating since 1948. We can handle any size gas tank for boats, motor homes, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and of course all makes and models of cars and trucks.

We offer the following services:

Rebuild gas tanks using the Gas Tank ReNu patented process.
Sell new gas tanks and accessories.
Rebuild sending units.
Sell new sending units.
Sell and install extra capacity fuel tanks.

Orozco’s Auto Service can also sell and install extra capacity fuel tanks for trucks and RV’s!


Gas Tank Renu


The Gas Tank RENU process can be applied to car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat, marine, RV, heavy equipment and classic. We can repair almost any metal or aluminum tank no matter how rusted or rotten.

This is how we rebuild a Gas Tank with the patented process of Gas Tank RENU. It is a long and time consuming process, but nothing comes close to the quality and durability once the tank is completed. We control every aspect of the coating process, unlike the slosh coat kits that you pour a cleaner into the tank to prep and then you pray that it will clean all the rust and debris out of the tank (it never does); then you pour in the coating and put the tank out in the sun to dry then you pray that it will dry and stick to the tank so it will not lift off and plug up your fuel system (it always does). About 50% of the tanks we rebuild have already been coated before.

gas tank repair orozcos


1. After the gas tank is de-fumed (cleaned) we drill holes in strategic locations to prepare for sandblasting.


gas tank service


2. Showing dent in bottom of tank


gas tank repair service


3. Sandblasting the tank in a walk-in blast room


gas tank auto service


4. 100% of all dirt and rust have been removed after sandblasting and holes cut on top of tank for access to remove dents


gas tank maintenance


5. Dent has been removed


Orozcos Auto Serivce


6. Heli-arc welding the tank


gas tank repair


7. All the holes in the tank have been completely welded closed including the rotten areas, if any.


gas tank service


8. The inside coating is pumped into the tank and then the outside coating is applied


gas tank repair


9. Tank has been baked in a convection oven


gas tank repair service


10. Finished tank that has had dents removed and the metal has been totally encapsulated in coating and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


gas tank repair auto service


11. We also rebuild sending units.


gas tank repair service


12. This is a gas tank being modified. We are installing a sump that is used for racing. We can also modify fuel tanks for fuel injection vehicles by installing the fuel pump in the tank.



13. Sump has been installed


Orozcos Auto Serivce Auto Truck


14. Completed tank Gas Tank Repair


Gas Tank Repair Orozcos


Small sample of our large inventory where we stock hundreds of new Gas Tanks, Sending Units, Straps and Gas Tank related parts from many manufacturers. We stock and manufacture hard-to-find gas tank parts, including late model, classic vehicles, trucks and motor homes.


gas tank repair service


We also restore motorcycle gas tanks and RENU the inside only so the outside of the tank can be painted. The RENU process will ruin the paint on the tank. We will sandblast the outside of the tank to prep it for paint.


gas tank repair orozcos


We Repair 18-wheeler over-the-road trucks aluminum tanks and hydraulic tanks

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